Lamzac 3.0

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The Lamzac inflatable air loungers can be filled within a matter of seconds, without needing a foot pump. Sweep it in a horizontal motion to scoop up air. You can take it anywhere, super-strong, water-, dirt- and UV-resistant. Enough relaxation for one day? Just flatten your air bean bag, fold it and stow it in its bag.

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Easy to inflate.
Super strong (Lamzac 2.0: 200 kg – Lamzac 3.0: 250 kg – Lamzac O 2.0: 150 kg – Lamzac O 3.0: 200 kg).
Water repellent.
Material Lamzac 2.0: High quality Nylon Ripstop.
Use: Indoor / Outdoor.
After usage of the Lamzac, store it indoors and preferably in the little carrying bag.
Filling: free air.
Comes with a carrying case.
Lamzac 3.0:

Material: Polyester ripstop TPU.
15% lighter.
Durable fabric.
High UV colorfastness.
Lamzac 3.0:
200 x 90 x 50 cm.
0,85 kg.
Packaging: 37,5 x 19,5 x 7,5 cm.
Product + packaging: 1,08 kg.
Cleaning instructions
Gently pat any soiled areas with a moist cloth.

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