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On our website you can order great Fatboy® products and subscribe to our newsletter. We also use cookies when visiting our website. This means that in certain cases we record personal details of you as a visitor. What do we do with that data? What is the basis for using this data? We would like to inform you about this.


When we receive or transfer your data on our website, we always use the encryption technologies that are recognized as common and safe standards within the IT sector. If we receive or transfer certain critical information, such as financial information, for example, we use a secure server and connection.


For your order we need your name, e-mail address, address (es), payment details and sometimes your telephone number. With that we can deliver your order and keep you informed about your order. We also give your details to others if necessary for an order, for example to delivery services. Our legal basis for processing this data from you is thus implementing our contractual agreements. We will not be able to execute your order without this information.

We always process your payment data in a secure payment environment. If you pay with iDeal, we store this information to link the payment to your order. And we use a bank account number to deposit money in the event of a return.
Do you pay with credit card? Your credit card information will then be sent directly to Adyen from our secure environment. They carry out our credit card payments. We do not see your credit card details, Adyen only tells us if your payment has been successful. Or not.

If you pay with Paypal, we have access to your account name and e-mail address and the delivery address you may use with Paypal. We need this information to fulfill your order

We only pass on your data to other parties if this is necessary for our services. We engage these parties: delivery partners, payment partners, IT service providers.

We engage media and advertising agencies and research agencies to show you targeted advertisements and to investigate which people are very happy with our products. Parties that access your data may only use it to perform a service on our behalf. They may never use this data for other purposes. We make agreements with these parties in processing agreements.


You can register for the newsletter via and through other channels. When your order has been completed, you can also register for our newsletter. We use this information on the basis of your consent. If you subscribe to the newsletter, we will send you e-mails about our products or promotions from time to time. If you have ever placed an order with us, you can receive emails from us about similar products. We use this information on the basis of legitimate interest.

We will never sell this information to third parties, so you will not be contacted by other parties. However, third parties may carry out the mailing on our behalf. With these parties we agree that they handle your data safely and neatly. You can always unsubscribe from our newsletter or ask us to delete your data. Click on the link in one of the received newsletters, or click here


We place a cookie on your PC (if you give permission) to recognize you next time. For example, your shopping basket can be remembered. Click here for an overview of used cookies.


You can call, email, contact via social media or even send mail to us. We store this data, because with this we can better solve your question or problem. Our basis for processing your data is to execute the agreement (your right to guarantee). We can also use the contact moments to teach the service department how we can best deal with our customers. Our basis is our legitimate interest in this. We do not do that by recording telephone conversations by the way.


We would like to give you good service and are curious about what you think of our web shop and our products. We therefore sometimes approach you for a customer survey. Furthermore, we may contact you to ask how the handling of a complaint went and what you think of our newsletter.

That is why we collect customer behavior. We do this with the basis of legitimate interest. This allows us to analyze your reading behavior and create content that suits your needs. We do this by registering unique visits, with all the activities that take place there. Think of viewing pages, zooming in on something or clicking on links. Of course we always deal with your data in a respectful way. Sometimes someone else performs these checks for us. They also adheres to the privacy rules.


When you visit our web shop, like us on Facebook or Instagram or order something from us, we remember what you liked. We do this with a so-called Pixel. We use your data to improve our website and social media channels. And to show helpful ads. Click here for an overview of used cookies.


We do not use and store your data for longer than necessary. We then delete all data we have from you. Or we completely anonymize this data (so that we still know what you ordered, for example).

We have set the internal deadlines for how long we keep data about you. Here is an overview:

  • Invoice, payment and order data. We store this data 7 years. This is mandatory from the Tax Authorities;
  • Service request: we keep the notification and contact data details for 5 years.

If you subscribe to the newsletter or give permission to receive it, we will retain that permission for 5 years. If you unsubscribe from our newsletter at a given time, we will delete your data.


You have the right to request the following information from Fatboy when it comes to your privacy. You may obtain insight into your personal data and request a copy. You may change your details, delete them and ask us not to send emails to you anymore.

Do you want to know if the data you have left with us is correct? Do you have more questions about our privacy policy? Please contact us via our customer service page.  

If you are not satisfied with how Fatboy handles your privacy, you can contact the privacy authority.

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